Friday, November 2, 2012

Gorgeous Leather

Up until now I've been finding leather wherever it was available with a low impact on my wallet (Kijiji, when MGW closed down, trading, etc).

But the other day (okay, a while ago, I'm catching up on blogging now that I've recuperated from the WEST sale), I went out and bought my first "new" piece of leather.

If you could see it in person, you'd know why. It's such a gorgeous, deep, waxed red. The pictures don't come close to doing it justice. (And of course it helps that it was on sale - by a lot - this isn't the type of leather I would normally be able to get.)

It makes for some beautiful books.

Available with both drawing weight pages (70lb), and thicker (96lb) multimedia weight paper.

But really you see to see it to appreciate how lovely this leather looks.

This leather book made it's d├ębut at the WEST sale, and will also be at the Vineyard sale, Nov. 24th.

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