Friday, October 26, 2012

Work Table Catch Up

It's been busy! But that's a good thing.

Just some things to catch you all up with...some new and exciting books!

What do floppy disks and paper have in common?

When you add a bookbinder to the list, you get a book!

This little book contains 160 pages (front and back), of cream 20lb (75gms) text weight office paper. Sewn together with the coptic stitch using four needles to create the lovely "braid" up the spine. Good use for an outdated floppy disk.

Find this little guy (and more) at my Etsy shop, or in the Winnipeg area at the
Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Christmas Craft Sale, November 24th! (10am - 4pm, 782 Main St.)


  1. they look great!
    I found another box for you, let me know if you are coming to the next team meeting and I can bring them along

  2. Thanks! I'll let you know if I can make it, I can bring you a disk book then too if you would like.


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