Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Design Challenge

Okay, so maybe May was a busy month. There was only two entries for May's WEST Design Challenge, "Cool Stuff for Dudes", one of being myself.

I don't think the small amount of entries was because of lack of things to come up with for guys. A know that there are a lot of talented shops on the team, many with great stuff for guys.

This is my entry. A rustic, brown leather journal. It is made with 96 pages of hand torn, 100lb, multi media sketch paper. The diamond stitching along the side is one of my favourite styles. The book is held closed with a continuous strap which doubles around the book.

There are many items suitable for "dudes" in my shop. For this challenge I wanted to highlight one of my newer items - leather books - which are wonderful for both men and women. But the many duct tape books are also very manly.

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