Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Trades

Leather scraps are quite useful for a variety of projects. So much so, it seems, that even the minutest scrap is considered worthy of being kept and sold in a grocery bag along with many other such sized scraps.

Unfortunetly the tiny scraps are a bit too small for my uses. It doesn't take a lot of leather to make a keychain book, but it does take some. Whilst living in Tasmania, we had aquired some rather nice sized pieced of leather from an upholsterer. In exchange we brought
him homemade and canned apple juice, fresh baked bread which we sold at our bakery and a few other such items. It was a happy trade.
Here, back in Winnipeg, I wondered if I could find other such upholsterers who had leftovers of leather that they had no use for.

So I went for a short walk.

I found a lovely shop and a very lovely lady who was happy to help me out. I originally went with the suggestion of paying for a bag of scraps, which is often how scraps of leather exchange hands. I showed her one of my keychains as an example of the smallest size of scrap leather I'm looking for. She said she could get a bag ready for me and wondered if instead of money we could do a trade. This, of course, I thought was a great idea. She wanted a larger journal, instead of a keychain and as I do those as well, it was not a problem.

She provided me with the most beautiful pieces of green, waxed leather for her book to be made out of along with a bag of lovely leather including lime green and browns.

I must say it was a pleasure just working with this type of leather. Here is some shots of her lovely book.

With lots of extras of this georgous leather for keychains.

It was quite a happy trade.

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