Sunday, May 13, 2012

Giveaway Weekend and Norman Rockwell

Giveaway Weekend

Yesterday was the first Winnipeg Giveaway Weekend my husband and I had opportunity to participate in. We had heard about it when it first started, but we were living out of the country at that time.

What a neat idea. Leave the stuff you want to get rid of out on the curb with a "free" sign attached. Anyone is able to come and take it away. Items are expected to be removed from the curb by dusk on Sunday (today).

My husband and I are sort-of in the starting over again phase, but with a bit more limbo. Due to a variety of circumstances we are living with my in-laws but have high hopes of renting a place come the fall (so looking forward to it!). So...we have nothing. We figured this weekend would be a great opportunity to find some stuff we may need. However we weren't really looking for lots of furniture - yet. The giveaway weekend in the fall (Sept. 8 and 9) will be more appropriate for that, as we will then have some place to put that stuff.

So we set off with an open mind and my in-laws car. We dropped my mother-in-law off just past confusion corner on Pembina, so we started browsing in that area.

At first it was kind-of weird. I had to remind myself that it's okay to "just take stuff". This is the point, it's not stealing.

I must say we were pretty happy with what we found. (I supposed it helps that we had no expectations). Right away I found a plant stand with a pretty ceramic pot. When we moved to Australia 3 years ago, we got rid of almost everything we owned. I am a big plant person, and it was so sad to sell my plants (the best ones I gave to my mother though). I've started some ivy's from my mom's ivy. The new place we will be moving to is an old character house, and I don't know about punching holes in the ceiling for a hanging plant, so I thought it would be good to have a plant stand and lo and behold here was one!

We also found a big box of scrapbooking items. Not one for scrapbooking but some of the items transfer well to bookbinding. We took the box to sort through at home, and the rest that I won't use will go to Arts Junktion.

We also found a high quality kitchen aid cutlery organizer, a wood box (possibly to use as a display at craft shows), a brand new, unused printer/fax/scanner (my husbands favourite find), an air conditioner, flower vase, and Uncle John's bathroom reader.

This weekend is a really great idea. It's fun to go out and find stuff (I'm a big thrift store shopper, I rarely buy new)and it's neat to meet people.

At our first stop we picked up some stuff and a couple doors down there was an older man having some difficulty dragging a box to the curb. My husband asked if he needed some help. He was glad for the help and said it was an air conditioner for the free day if we wanted it. Our in-laws don't have air conditioning so we were greatful (still need to see if it works). Then we had a long chat with him and got to hear all about the local crime.

At another stop I met another friendly woman as we looked through a box together who had just bought their first home and looking for stuff like us.

Not everyone is super friendly, some just quietly look through stuff, but it's nice to stop and chat with those who care to do likewise.

Norman Rockwell

In the afternoon, we had plans to go see the Norman Rockwell Exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. My husband wanted to do something for my birthday, especially since living abroad we were unable to do anything special. It was a bit early, but the exhibition was originally to end before my actual birthday, but now it has been extended to the 27th of May. Oh well, yesterday worked out the best anyway.

I have always liked Norman Rockwells paintings. He had such an ability to capture expression, and portray the moment to the viewer.

He also didn't shy away from social issues, and I like that.

It was really something to be able to actually see the brushstrokes and texture of the paintings. Most of us are very familiar with his work. However, it's in such a flat form. A painting really does look different in it's original form as opposed to a print. A print does help to melt the picture together on a single plane. In the original painting you can see how one colour is over another, and sometimes it does look less than perfect - but it's real.

It was neat to be able to look closely at the large paintings and see something that you would never notice or see in the prints. For example there were a couple pictures given to individuals with an inscription on the painting from the artist. I also remember looking closely at "The problem we all live with" and seeing amongst the graffiti of K.K.K (top left) and NIGGER (top centre) there is also an almost imperceptible heart with two initials (just below the hand of the man on the back left).

All in all it was a very busy, but rewarding day.

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