Sunday, May 27, 2012

Crafty Minions VIII. How it went.

Yesterday was my first craft show at Crafty Minions (Aqua Books), and anywhere else for that matter. All in all it was a good experience for me as a first timer. I didn't quite make my table fee (so close though!), but I was warned that this would be a slow show since it was spring and Aqua was supposed to have moved to it's other building by now. Also by participating in this show, I now have a greater chance of getting in for the future (more busy) shows.

I was at a table in between Ruth from Periwinklw Dzyns and Deb from Hoshii Designs. So I had some other Westies to chat with during day. This was also Deb's first show. There were also several other Westies there too, and it was a good chance to meet them and put the Etsy shop to a real face.
I'm not discouraged that the show was not a huge "success" because actually for me it really was a good experience. A lot of the "unknown" is gone - I've figured out a table set up, I've seen what it takes, and now I can say I've done a show. Also I did sell somethings, a few RFID card sleeves, so that was encouraging. I also got a couple of books sewn.

Now I will be much more prepared and confident for our WEST sale in October, and will aim to do some more of the bigger sales next year.

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