Saturday, February 18, 2012

Grand Opening!

My Etsy store is now OPEN! That's exciting. After about a month of setting things up, there are finally items for sale. By setting up, I mean just the store itself. Figuring out postage, policies, etc.

I am selling hand bound books. Currently only the ones with duct tape covers are ready to sell. Hopefully soon you will be able to find fabric covers as well. You can get a sneak preview of some of my work in the left sidebar. Just click the picture to go to my store.

Setting up a store has been fun. Things like this are usually much more involved than they seem. I'm sure I've got a lot more to learn in the future. Any advice is appreciated.

Now to see what happens.


  1. It takes a long time to set up a good Etsy store, eh? I'm glad to see that you researched it and got everything ready before you actually opened. A seller can get burned really quickly if they're not careful! :)

  2. Yes and I'm still learning. Thanks for the advice about facebook.


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