Monday, April 6, 2015

Mid Year Donation

Donating the proceeds of my shop is the purpose of what I do with We Are Bound Together. Usually donations are all made at the end of each year, because the Christmas season is where the bulk of my business comes from. 

But I am pleased to announce that because of my great customers I was able to make a mid year donation!

This donation was made to Open Doors, to help give aid to those who have fled their homes because of ISIS. 

Here is a snippit from a recent Open Doors newsletter (March 17, 2015).

"Over 3 million refugees have fled Syria for neighbouring countries.
  • Some 6.5 million people have been displaced in Syria
  • More than 500,000 Iraqi's have fled the ISIS advance
  • Shortly after the crisis began, approximately 1,000 people passed a border checkpoint… every hour
  • Hundreds of thousands killed...
Sometimes it’s hard to wrap one’s mind around such immense numbers… to put faces to the statistics. Here is what just one church reports:

“We are helping more than 360 families in Erbil. 216 families live in the church courtyard. Every day we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to more than a thousand people."

"Thanks to your partnership, Open Doors has been on the front lines of this humanitarian crisis, working with local churches to bring concrete help and hope to refugees who are fleeing the horrific violence"

"Monthly relief packages include 15 kg of rice, cooking oil, sugar, spaghetti, canned meet, tea, soap, and other food and hygiene items."

"But with more than 100 new families joining the refugee communities each week, and violence intensifying so that no one can return home, it is clear that more assistance is needed.

Right now, we are distributing 12,000 basic food packages to Christian families per month ($50 each),  3,000 hygiene kits per month ($20 each), and emergency medical consultancies and medicines."

If you would like to help out please go to Open Doors and make a donation.

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