Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vineyard 2013 Wrap Up

This past weekend I was at the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Christmas Craft Sale (say that 10 times, fast).

This is my second year as a vendor, and I love the charm of the revamped, old warehouse with the wood floors, brick walls, and large windows. The crowd is great and I even ran into a couple friends I haven't seen in years

The organizers work tirelessly and the whole thing is in support of the Himalayan Regional Womans Co-op.

If you missed it be sure to catch me this Saturday, December 7th at the Springs Christmas Craft Sale!


  1. Hi Andrea!
    Thanks for your post. You are very elegant e your stand is very beautiful.
    I hope your sales were well and you connected with the artisan community of this fair.
    Congratulations for your achievement!!

  2. Thanks Lucia, I do always enjoy craft sales and it's such a pleasure getting to know the other vendors.


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