Friday, October 4, 2013

On My Work Table - Hang Tags

Gearing up for the busy fall! While hang tags are not something I make to sell, they are important in order to sell.

Previously I've used little signs or even mini picture frames with my prices. However as my business is expanding I think it's time for things to be individually priced.

Hang tags are a great option, especially for handmade books. Because my books have decorative (and functional) stitching on the spine, hang tags are easily attachable. Plus they're easy to remove, no gunky tag to peel off of my hard work!

I decided to go with kraft coloured cover stock. The paper is thick enough to stand up to a craft show, but not too thick to fold nicely. The kraft colour is really what I started out with when I first started making duct tape books. It also matches my kraft paper bags I also recently purchased for the shows.

If any of you have ever made templates that need to be exact, especially for cutting, you will be able to share in the frustration of "just a bit more to the right...." Making these things takes time, but it's worth it. Once you have a basic template you're set! You can now customize it for each item. Just make sure to save each category separately! You will want to be able to simply click and print for future tag making.

I made my tags in Open Office. Regardless of which program you use, it helps a lot having an extra column representing each fold and cut. It makes it so much easier to adjust that smidgen right or left that inevitably must be done.

On one template I have the front and back of the tag, which includes logo and price. On another template I have the insides, which tells a bit about the book; number of pages, weight of paper and type of binding. Each tag is different for each type of item. It gives the customer some more information than simply the price.

Once they're printed and cut, I attach them with a string to the inside binding of the book, them drape them over to the outside.

It's a lot of work to make the hand tags now, because I have to make one for everything. But in the future, it won't be so much because I will be able to tag the items as I make them, or at least that's the idea. We'll see if I can stick to that concept.

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  1. Love the cardstock, it makes for some rad tags alright!


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