Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Items! Leather Card Holder

New line of product are now available in my shop! These single sleeve, leather card holders were inspired by my brother. Last year he asked if I could make him a single sleeve leather wallet, since all he really needed to carry around was a card or two and his regular wallet was too bulky. However, the timing wasn't too great as the fall craft sales were in full swing. I told his after Christmas I would have a go at it.

Hence leather card sleeves came into being, for my shop anyway.

These alternatives to a bulky wallet are made of 100% genuine leather (minus the thread). For the outside I use 3 - 4 oz weight cow hide. The inside is lined with 1.5 - 2 oz pigskin for ease of sliding plastic cards in and out. The sleeve is completely hand sewn with strong, waxed linen thread using the saddle stitch. Not to be confused with a bookbinding saddle stitch (think; type of binding magazines/brochures would use), a saddle stitch in leather work is a two needle process which insures that even if a thread does break, it will not unravel as the thread around it holds it in place. This is much stronger than machine stitching.   

Sleeves are available in both portrait/vertical or landscape/horizontal. I have also made a splattering of sleeves that favours all you lefties out there!

New sleeves to be added regularly!

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