Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Enjoying What I Do

Bookbinding is a way for me to raise some money. But more than that, bookbinding is something that I enjoy. There is a certain pleasure that comes creating something beautiful. I've always been artsy, but bookbinding is something that I've really been able to run with.

There are a couple reasons why I enjoy bookbinding so much. First, as stated above, it's creating. I take paper, and leather or fabric and turn it into something pretty. I especially love the feel of the leather that I work with, and I love looking at how the books turn out.

Another thing that I enjoy is that it is something that I can spend my time on. We all need something that we can do. For me, I have a disease that inhibits my ability to get a job, or do much physical work in general. (I have Endometriosis. For those of you who don't know what that it, in short, all my organs and abdomen are glued together. I have the most advanced form of the disease.) Sure I have some good days, but I never really know when those are. Most often I find out by doing something - oh, this isn't one of those good days. For example sometimes even taking too long of a walk will put me out for a few days, sometimes even bedridden. So I try and be careful. By try, I mean my husband always asks me, "Honey, are you sure you should be doing this?" And I say, "Umm...." and he says, "Ok, you've got to stop now."

But bookbinding is something that doesn't require too much physical stuff. On the other hand it's not just a cushy craft either. It does take some muscle and work to prepare a book for binding. But there is usually something that I can do even when I'm not so well, especially if I've been well organized during my good times. The sewing itself is more sitting. Tearing paper, a little more involved. And I have put myself out cutting bookboard. But if I'm careful, bookbinding is the right balance for me.

Thirdly, I feel like that I can actually do something for someone. Not only am I doing something with my time, but I am doing something that counts for someone else. That is also quite satisfying. We all need some place to fit.

All in all, I've been doing this as a business for more than a year, and it's something that I can honestly say that I enjoy. It hasn’t become work yet.

It's nice to be able to invest in something that I enjoy.


  1. Hi Andrea, thanks for sharing a little of your life.
    I hope you can have more better than worse days, even with your endometriosis.
    I agree with you that bookbinding is a very enjoying way to ocupy our living days and being useful.
    Thanks again.


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