Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend?

This Easter weekend was a bit different. Actually it was downright crazy.

 We moved...yeah again.

Only this is a temporary landing spot for the month of April until we gain possession of our "new" house on the first of May.

...oh yeah and the WEST sale happens to be the first weekend of May too. (Apparently we like craziness in this family).

The plan is to work steadily for the sale on the 4th of May, but with my condition (severe Endometriosis, and lots of pain which is always aggravated with physical movement - say like moving - so glad my mom was in town for this move) I may not be able to get to that for a little bit. At least I took some long overdue pictures of some of my product before the move. (Yes, stuff that I had at the Christmas Sale, long overdue.) So you can expect some more great items posted in my shop over the next week!


  1. you keep it challenging don't you? stay strong girl!

  2. Yes, it would appear we like a complicated life. Never bored that's for sure...looking forward to a "boring" summer.


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