Friday, September 7, 2012

The War Is On!

Only a couple days into the cool weather, and less than a week after our move enemy forces have declared war.

Perhaps they have unintentionally declared it as such, but their very presence spurs me to action.

Yes folks, the first (visable) mouse of the season tiptoed across the floor tonight.

This means war.


Oh, so cute! But don't be deceived people!

This very mouse was indeed a prisoner of war, from one of my former battles. He was captured/rescued by some of the neighbourhood children and went on to live (or escape) at there house.

I do have quite the experience in mouse wars.

My last inhabitance produced battles of 20 plus mice per season. Ah, yes, thanks to poorly insulated Australian housing, our house being right next to the bush. I like to think I won those battles, and it wasn't just the change of seasons that sent them away. Believe me we worked for our victory.

Even at my last house in Winnipeg, we trapped and poisoned and plugged holes, and eventually came out the victors (minus the squirrel we never were able to get rid of - but that's another story). 

So the little shadow, which was way too comfortable crawling around the baseboards tonight, must be stopped.

A bookbinders nightmare for sure, especially one who has just recently moved and everything - including lots of fun paper - is still laying around in boxes and other very tempting spots for a mouse to explore.

So this weekend, in addition to exploring the Winnipeg Giveaway Weekend goodies, we will be working on our plan of attack. This should be a more interesting battle than those of the past, with only access to less than half of the house. But armed with steal wool and traps, we will pursue our enemies!

*Disclaimer: please note I am writing this so near to midnight as I wait for my husband to come home from a long day at school/work. 

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