Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why I Love Kijiji

Kijiji has been a longtime favorite place of mine.

I first heard about Kijiji, from a friend who mentioned that a friend of hers went to pick a whole bunch of apples for free from some persons house. Someone had posted an ad on Kijiji for anyone who wanted to come pick apples from their tree as they were just going to waste.

I thought, "I've got to check out this Kijiji thing." While it was too late for apple picking, I found a whole lot more.

Think of Kijiji as the modern "Buy and Sell". It has local websites all around the world. (In Australia it was called "Gum Tree")

Since I first heard about Kijiji (in 2006) we've bought many things, sold many things (like almost an entire house worth of stuff when we moved overseas), and bought things again. 

Kijiji has been invaluable especially when starting out all over again, back home in Winnipeg. And most of the people I've been in contact with through Kijiji have been wonderful.

The other day I was browsing on Kijiji and I noticed one particular ad in the "Free" section. It was for apples. Someone has an apple tree and they are not using the apples.

Hmm...That sounds good to me!

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