Saturday, March 17, 2012

Your Story: Susan DeChamp from DeChamp Designs

Our guest post today is from Susan DeChamp of DeChamp Designs, a fellow Etsy shop owner and Etsy for Charity team member. Visit her at her etsy store, blog or on facebook. This is her story...

Chainmaille.  The word conjures up images of armor, so it's only natural that the first thoughts people have when they hear of chainmaille jewelry is heavy, masculine, and substantial.  And, chainmaille jewelry can be just that.

 But, it can also be lacy and feminine, or fun and funky.
It can be made in pretty much any style.  That's one of the things I like about it so much.

I first bought a kit to make a chainmaille necklace
five years ago, when I was expecting my first child - I thought it looked interesting.  Life got very busy and that kit got put aside, unopened.  After my third child, Adam, was stillborn in October 2009, I came across that kit while I was in the 'must keep busy at all times' stage of grief.  I thought it would keep my hands and mind busy for a few days but finished it that night.  The next day, I started gathering up the tools and supplies I would need to make more.  After a few months, I opened my Etsy shop - I was making more jewelry than I could keep or give as gifts.

I decided that each October, a portion of my sales would be donated to the IWK Hospital Foundation.  The IWK is the Children's Miracle Network hospital in Halifax, NS, where Adam was born.  This past fall, I also started making some jewelry pieces that have 50% of the price donated to the IWK year-round (so far, there is a pendant and a necklace design in this line, but another piece will be ready to launch soon).  Adam gave me my love of chainmaille and this is a small way that I can give something back.

DeChamp Designs jewelry is available through Etsy at, through Facebook at, at The Village Emporium in Chester, NS, and at various craft fairs in Nova Scotia.

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